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ExotiCRP Server Info


Info: Random Role-Play where anyone can be a cop / EMS / Fire Dept. Area of Play is usually Sandy Shores. This server doesn't have a specific state based RP, so as of now its San Andreas. May soon be based in South Carolina

Version: v0.0.5

playercount: 32


Addons: mapmanager, chat, spawnmanager, sessionmanager, fivem, hardcap, rconlog, scoreboard, playernames, frfuel, crouch, vSync, es_admin2, ERPEssentials, deleteveh, servercommands, RPDeath, ERP-ChatEXT, vengine, carhud, areaofplay, textscript, disclaimer, disableAIdispatch, watermark, NotWanted, ERP_Cars, circlevoice ||| (Cars) dodgepack, SCHP, Captain14_FBI ||| (MapAddons) xysdynamicpaletopd, xysdynamicsspd, harmonymap, grapeseedalive, trafficsigns

OneSync: false

Server feedback below: (do not post server bugs, thats what is for)

ExotiCRP Owner
Obey Me Fam

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